10 date night ideas for video game-loving couples

Looking for cute date night ideas but don’t necessarily want to leave your house? Here are 10 different video game-themed activities for you and your boo this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Play through Portal 2

“Portal 2” is a classic multiplayer game, released in 2011. Even though it is over ten years old now, “Portal 2” is the perfect puzzle game with a fun multiplayer story. Couples playing on PC can also download modded levels from the community off of the Steam Workshop. 

  1. Play It Takes Two

While the starting premise of “It Takes Two” might not seem like a fun game for a couple to play on Valentine’s Day, it falls into the background of a fun co-op experience. “It Takes Two” allows couples to solve unique puzzles and work together in a charming Toy Story-esque world. 

  1. Open up Pokemon card packs

While this doesn’t necessarily involve directly playing a video game, opening “Pokemon” cards is a popular streaming category on Twitch. It is a fun way to do something together without staring at a screen. Plus, there is the potential to get a rare and valuable card or a card with your favorite Pokemon. 

  1. Build a video game themed Lego set

Lego offers a few different sets based on video games for couples looking to do something a little more hands-on. There are lego sets made from the “Mario” franchise, “Sonic,” “Minecraft,” and “Pokemon.” Additionally, there are sets at varying price points and intricacy, so couples will likely find a good set for them.

  1. Watch a movie together 

Over the years, plenty of movies have been made about video games. Pop a bag of popcorn and cuddle up for a video game themed movie night. A few recommendations include “Wreck-it Ralph,” “Ready Player One,” or “Free Guy.” 

  1. Watch your favorite streamers together

If your favorite streamers are going live this Valentine’s Day, pull up their livestream to watch together. Especially for couples not able to be physically together on Valentine’s Day, watching a stream together allows you to still do something without necessarily having to play a game.

  1. Play through the “Overcooked” series

For couples looking for a little bit more chaos in their lives, look no further than the “Overcooked” series. “Overcooked” offers a fun yet highly chaotic cooking experience where players must collaborate to make different recipes before time runs out. 

  1. Revisit a childhood favorite game together

If either of you still has older consoles, boot up an old favorite game and play through it together if it has multiplayer support. Otherwise, you can show each other some of your old favorite games and take the opportunity to potentially learn something new about each other.

  1. Play a board game together

Take a break from looking at screens, and pull out a board game to play together. Games like Guess Who, Jenga, or Battleship are perfect for 2-players, especially for couples on the more competitive side. Monopoly even offers boards themed after video games such as the “Mario” series and “Fortnite.” 

  1. Start a multiplayer farm in Stardew Valley

“Stardew Valley” is a relaxing indie farming simulator inspired by games like “Harvest Moon” with a charming pixel art style. It is available for all platforms and retails for only $14.99, making it a great game to pick up and play with your significant other. Couples can always come back to their multiplayer farm even after Valentine’s Day and make it a regular date night activity. 

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