Monterey celebrates 250th anniversary in June

Founded on June 3, 1770, Monterey is known for captivating locals and tourists with its 99 miles of breathtaking coastline featuring...

California college students fight for more refunds with class action lawsuit

Students of the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems have filed a class action lawsuit against their...

Yoga, Henna and Sweatshops

Dr. Amer Ahmed, along with the OC3, held a webinar regarding the cultural appropriation, exploitation, and commodification of South Asian culture.

How COVID-19 is impacting Ramadan

On behalf of Ramadan beginning, the Otter Cross Cultural Center held a virtual session with speakers Faizan Mumtaz and Maria Ahmad...

Emily Omiotek: Working through the pandemic

CSUMB student, Emily Omiotek, started working at the REI in Marina in June 2019, until the COVID-19 pandemic, when she and her work team became furloughed.

Dean of CHSHS discusses COVID-19

CHSHS Dean, Britt Rios-Ellis, held a Zoom conference to discuss the spread and prevention of COVID-19 and what CHSHS will be doing during shelter in place.