Highlight from Nintendo’s Indie World showcase

Nintendo’s Indie World showcase gives indie game developers a chance to spotlight their upcoming games. Nintendo most recently held one on Wednesday, April 19. 

The 20-minute YouTube video showcased a variety of upcoming indie titles from both well-known studios and studios coming out with their debut game. In case you haven’t had a chance to watch it, here’s some of the highlights. 

One of the earliest upcoming games announced was a sequel to “My Time at Portia,” called “My Time at Sandrock.” Pathea Games’ farming simulator “Portia” was loved by many and fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the full release of the sequel. “My Time at Sandrock” is currently available in early access on Steam, but the full version of the game is slated to release Summer 2023 for all platforms. 

“Cult of the Lamb” is also getting a free update called “Relics of the Old Faith.” Massive Monster has talked about this update on Twitter previously, stating it will double the gameplay. It will be adding a new post-game story, deeper combat, revamped bosses and enemies, more replayability, photo mode and many more requested features. The update will be released April 24. 

Read the full review of “Cult of the Lamb” at https://thelutrinae.com/2022/09/cult-of-the-lamb-is-the-most-adorable-cult-game/ 

The popular YouTuber Dunkey founded his own game studio in 2022 called Bigmode. In collaboration with indie game developers Shared Memory, they are working on their first title, “Animal Well,” which is scheduled to release sometime in early 2024 for Windows computers, PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. “Animal Well” looks like it is going to be a gorgeous, yet challenging Metroidvania where you must explore a labyrinth while avoiding animals. 

The last game that stood out to me was “Blasphemous II.” In the trailer they shared, “Blasphemous II” looks to capture many of the same concepts and themes that players loved the original title for. It is going to be a brutal, action-packed platformer, expanding on the world and story The Game Kitchen established in the original title. “Blasphemous II” is set to release Summer 2023 to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Windows computers and the Nintendo Switch. 
Read the full review of “Blasphemous” at https://thelutrinae.com/2022/09/blasphemous-is-a-grotesque-metroidvania-like-no-other/

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