Cassidy Ulery


I am a California native, a transfer student and a fan of all things nautical, which made choosing CSUMB an easy option. When I'm not writing for the newspaper, I enjoy reading, going for hikes and bike rides, hanging out with my friends and family, and strolling along the beach. I joined The Lutrinae to advance my writing and journalism skills. Working as the Assistant Editor last academic year, I was inspired by our community and our readers; I find it important to produce ethical, unbiased and honest articles, which is something The Lutrinae prides themselves in. One thing I love about journalism is getting to interact with people. I've worked on stories that have opened my eyes and taught me about challenges. My favorite thing about journalism is the hands-on approach and the connection you create with the audience.

Arianna (Arie) Nalbach

Production Manager

When I’m not in class or in the newsroom, I love to draw, do photography, play video games and go thrifting with my friends. I enjoy going out on little adventures around Monterey with my boyfriend and finding new places to take photos. I have been in journalism since my junior year of high school and have always loved it. Going to a school with a student newspaper was incredibly important to me, so I jumped at the opportunity to join The Lutrinae. It was the first table I went to at the Otter Showcase my first year and I was thrilled to join the team. Through The Lutrinae, I was able to make some of my first friend’s at CSUMB and have been incredibly lucky with all the opportunities it has provided me. I am so excited to be taking on the role of production manager again this year. It gives me the opportunity to continue doing journalism while also being a job that gives me more experience as a graphic designer. Since becoming the production manager, I feel like I have grown so much as a journalist and graphic designer and I can’t wait for that to continue this year.

Anna Stubler

Assistant Editor & Webmaster

I transferred to CSUMB two years ago from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo because I love Monterey and CSUMB seemed like the perfect school for me. I started the first web design club on campus Computer Scripting and Styling Monterey Bay (CSSMB). When I am not coding or designing I like to spend time outdoors with friends and going on hikes. The Lutrinae was one of the first groups I talked to at Otter Showcase the second week of school and I was super interested in getting involved. I love writing, but I also love web development so this was the perfect job for me. I love that the Lutrinae can keep students up to date and connected to what's going on. I think journalism is important because great journalism presents people with facts and lets them form opinions. It exposes them to stories and perspectives they may not know and broadens their worldview without even having to leave home. This year I am excited to be the Assistant Editor in addition to returning as the Webmaster

Nikki Dodd

Staff Writer

I am a local on top of a transfer student from Hartnell College. Being at Cal State Monterey Bay has been a life changing experience for me in the sense that I never saw an end to this long journey I have been on. To now be in my final semester and grow as a person is one of my greatest achievements. I joined the paper with complete hesitation but it has been one of the best decisions in my college career. The Lutrinae has allowed me to find my own voice and style with writing. It is an open space that allows not only myself but other staffers to share our ideas. Journalism has been an ongoing passion of mine. I love finding out how news works and what is in fact true, unbiased journalism. At the same time, the way a journalist or writing itself can empower others and tell stories of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Daniel Gallo

Staff Writer

I'm a new staff writer at The Lutrinae this year, and I'm from Sonoma Valley. Being a four-year high school wrestler influenced my interest in athletic competition and combat sports. I'm the President of men's rugby on campus, and I currently train jiu-jitsu at Elite Team Monterey. I'm pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, and this stemmed from my time in theatre arts and the speech and debate team during high school. Public speaking and performing were my creative outlets. Joining the school paper provided me with an opportunity to develop my writing experience and further my journey into journalism. Engaging with community members, learning what drives students in their fields of focus, and the interviews where I leave the room knowing more are the experiences that remind me why I'm here. For me, journalism allows us to understand people and their stories on a deeper level.

Joshua Label

Staff Photographer

This is my final school year at CSUMB. I was born and raised in Salinas, California. I have a background with both coaching and teaching. I have worked as a recreation leader for the City of Monterey. I am currently a Math and Business tutor at Hartnell Community College. As a hobby, I spend a lot of time in the gym, competing in powerlifting. I started getting into photography and videography during 2021. I believe those types of visuals can help tell a story, and wanted to take that a step further with The Lutrinae. I am now surrounded with an awesome group of content creators, who care about getting both intriguing and accurate information on current events at CSUMB and its surrounding areas. I really look forward to working with them and meeting all of you on campus as well.

Malia Savella

Visual Editor

I’ve been involved in journalism since 2018. I’ve written and edited for school newspapers, but my visual contributions are the ones I’m most proud of. Journalism not only speaks to the public through punchy headlines, but through attention-grabbing illustrations and photos. I joined the Lutrinae to engage with the CSUMB community through my art, and to find my place in journalism’s eternal quest for truth and public good. I’m a Bay Area native hoping to land a career in teaching. This is my third year at CSUMB, and I’ve enjoyed learning about elementary education through a civic justice lens. Art is my chief passion outside of school; I’ve spent my entire life making personal and professional visual art. I function primarily as a gouache painter, but also have experience in other traditional and digital mediums. Other hobbies of mine include bug-spotting, book-reading, guitar-playing, cat-petting, and sandwich-eating.

Sara Gobets

Faculty adviser

I am a journalist, specializing in visual storytelling. In addition to my duties at CSUMB, I also regularly freelance with the San Francisco Chronicle and other local papers. I grew up in Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Mountains, which I credit for fostering a deep respect and love for the outdoors. While journalism plays a central role in my life, I have many other interests. I am a wilderness first responder, outdoor adventure guide, divemaster, frequent international traveler, soccer player, metal worker, movie lover, and amateur air hockey player - hoping to go pro one day. I decided to become the adviser for the Lutrinae because I wanted to pass on the industry experience. I am in constant awe of the hard work and dedication our staff and contributors show to the Lutrinae and honored to have a part in guiding them through the process of producing a publication of which they can be proud. I view journalism as a way to try to understand the world. It's our job as journalists to gather and record information and narratives regarding a wide variety of events and complex situations.