Arianna (Arie) Nalbach


I have been involved in journalism since my junior year of high school and have always loved it. When I’m not in class or in the newsroom, I love to do photography, experiment with different hair colors and styles, play video games and go out and explore Monterey with my friends or boyfriend. I am originally from Southern California, so I have loved getting to learn all the different areas Monterey has to offer. I joined The Lutrinae when I was a first-year and have learned so much about journalism since then. I formerly worked as our production manager and I loved to experiment with different layouts and develop my column, 8-Bit. Now as the editor-in-chief, I am excited to continue expanding my skill set as a writer, editor and leader. I love all of the different opportunities journalism has provided for me and getting to work with so many different people and learn their stories.

Haley Graham

Production Manager & Webmaster

While I may not be going to school to be a journalist, I am enthusiastic to combine my publication and graphic design skills to be production manager and webmaster of the Lutrinae. I am studying communication design with a concentration in visual design at CSUMB and will be graduating next spring. Previously, I worked for Starbucks on and off for four years. When I heard about an opportunity to work for the school’s newspaper as production manager, I applied immediately. I am so excited to be able to use my knowledge of design to create the layout of the digital newspaper and make posts for Instagram. Outside of school and work, I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend and going to plant nurseries, coffee shops and breweries. I have a fascination with packaging and love collecting craft beer cans, in the future I want to pursue a career in this industry. My love for nature extends into my home where I love collecting and caring for unique plants.

Estrella McDaniel

Assistant Editor

This is my second semester working for the Lutrinae as the assistant editor. I am a fourth-year human communications major with a concentration in journalism and media studies. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to write; journalism became a passion of mine in high school, where I learned the true art of it. There are so many things you can do within journalism and that’s what I’ve always liked; not only will I be able to explore my passion through this paper, but I will also be able to learn more and expand my knowledge. When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, going to the beach, hiking and watching TV. I’m a huge movie head. I’m from the central valley and was not prepared for the Monterey weather at all. I’ve immensely liked being at CSUMB and learning about everything I have to do toward my major. I can only hope this will be an excellent experience for me. I can’t wait to be a part of this great team.

Malia Savella

Visual Editor

I’ve been involved in journalism since 2018. I’ve written and edited for school newspapers, but my visual contributions are the ones I’m most proud of. Journalism not only speaks to the public through punchy headlines, but through attention-grabbing illustrations and photos. I joined the Lutrinae to engage with the CSUMB community through my art, and to find my place in journalism’s eternal quest for truth and public good. I’m a Bay Area native hoping to land a career in teaching. This is my fourth year at CSUMB, and I’ve enjoyed learning about elementary education through a civic justice lens. Art is my chief passion outside of school; I’ve spent my entire life making personal and professional visual art. I function primarily as a gouache painter, but also have experience in other traditional and digital mediums. Other hobbies of mine include bug-spotting, book-reading, guitar-playing, cat-petting, and sandwich-eating.

Maxwell Tartaglia

Staff Writer

I am currently a third year student at CSUMB. I joined The Lutrinae in my second year because it seemed like an exciting new experience to challenge myself as a writer. The role pushes me out of my comfort zone and engages me with events and coordinators on campus. My creative outlet has always been writing, but outside of that I like to cook, play games, travel and generally just experience new things.

Andrea Valadez-Angulo

Staff Writer

I’m a second year HCOM major from Southern California and my concentration is in journalism and media studies. I’ve always loved reading and writing, but I’ve never had the space to express that side of myself, so I’m super excited to be working with the Lutrinae as a staff writer. In a few short months, I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone in more ways than one and I’ve grown both as a writer and as a person because of it. I’ve always dreamed of working in a field that would allow me some creative freedom, so I’m extremely grateful to start exploring journalism in a serious way. When I’m not writing, I enjoy watching movies and sitcoms, listening to music and exploring Monterey Bay and the surrounding area with friends. I look forward to expanding my skills as a journalist and helping give a voice to underrepresented communities at CSUMB.

Max Guerrera

Staff Writer

I’m a third-year HCOM journalism and media major and staff writer at The Lutrinae. I came to one of the weekly budget meetings because I was offered extra credit but fell in love with the school paper and never looked back. I love taking photos (especially on film but digitally too), covering events and learning more about what’s going on around campus. I didn’t know anything about news writing until this year, but I’ve learned so much already and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Lutrinae in the future.

Ferris Crosby

Staff Writer

I’ve been on the Lutrinae team since 2022 as a staff writer. I’m a fourth-year HCOM major with a concentration in journalism. I’ve really found my people through this work, and always have a blast with the team at staff meetings or out interviewing the community. Monterey is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever lived, and I’m always out climbing, kayaking or hiking in Big Sur admiring the natural beauty.

Oscar Daniel Jimenez Iniguez

Staff Writer

I am proudly from the Bay Area, specifically from East Side San Jose. I am a third-year HCOM major with a concentration in journalism and media studies. Journalism is something I hold dear and near to my heart because it speaks to what I like to refer to as the human experience. People's stories truly gravitate me to this long-time passion of mine and is the main focus I intend to pursue during my time writing for this esteemed newspaper. Another passion of mine besides journalism is listening to Nirvana and grunge music deep into the lonely and haunting night. I hope I can truthfully represent the people of this community and give a platform for those who need to be heard an opportunity to speak.

David Kellogg

Faculty adviser

I've been working at the Monterey Herald for 21 years, coming to the Peninsula from the San Jose Mercury News where I worked for about 15 years. I've been teaching journalism classes at CSUMB for four years and have also worked with students at UC Santa Cruz for 14 years. I began my professional career while at College of San Mateo, covering high school football games, pounding out stories on a manual typewriter only to have them marked up in a lot of red by a chain-smoking editor. I moved on to earn my degree at San Jose State, where I graduated to writing stories on an electric typewriter. I’ve done various post-grad training programs, including earning a certificate from UC Berkeley in digital media, yet I still needed help from my granddaughter to set up Spotify. My most important role for the Lutrinae, I’m told, is to bring baked goods for the news meetings.