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Waste reduction and diversion at CSUMB

During your time at CSUMB, you can help fight the climate crisis by making sure you know how to sort your waste.

At the intersection of activism and education

Greta Thunberg is becoming the voice of the generation that will be feeling the impact of 100 years of unchecked economic growth and resource theft.

Zero Waste move out

As the Fall 2019 semester comes to an end, so approaches move out, which is one of our most wasteful times of year. Waste...

Spring clean our coast

Spring has sprung and so has the activity surrounding our amazing beaches and coastline. Whether it is to escape from your classes, exercise or...

How to travel sustainably

When you hear the word “eco-tourism,” what comes to mind? Do you think of staying in a treehouse, being surrounded by all that nature...

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Students shine at this year’s first Open Mic Night

On September 7, CSUMB and RHA hosted the first Open Mic Night of the Fall 2019 semester, where students performed on stage for a full house.