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What’s killing music festivals?

After having been a staple of San Francisco's live music scene for 12 consecutive years, Treasure Island Music Festival announces its indefinite hiatus.

Upcoming concerts

Celebrate the beginning of the new semester by seeing your favorite artist live as we transition from the season of album releases to the season of touring.

Upcoming concerts

With touring season quickly approaching, May is an extremely busy month for concerts in the Bay Area. Though this is The Lutrinae’s final issue...

Best albums to listen to while high

The ‘70s were an experimental time for both marijuana and music, and their relationship has only strengthened with time. Whether it’s at a rock...

How to participate in Record Store Day 2019

The twelfth annual Record Store Day is taking place all over the world on Saturday, April 13. Record Store Day was created with independent...

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Students shine at this year’s first Open Mic Night

On September 7, CSUMB and RHA hosted the first Open Mic Night of the Fall 2019 semester, where students performed on stage for a full house.