The Human Vaccuum

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "The Human Vaccuum" by Madi Rapella.

The Faux Chef

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "The Faux Chef" by Madi Rapella.

Monterey Weather

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "Monterey Weather," created by Madi Rapella.

Mount Vesuvius

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "Mount Vesuvius," created by Madi Rapella.

No Parking

Enjoy this week's cartoon, "No Parking," created by Madi Rapella.

The Plea

To all the good in the world We are born into this world knowing love The warm blanket of humanity fits us like a glove Powder blue...

The Tower

I stroll down the twisting cobblestone streets Making my way towards the beloved tower Little corner store bakeries with good eats Capture my attention for the hour The...

Issue #4 Cartoons

Enjoy this week’s cartoons created by Andre Sitolini and Nathan Nakao.

Issue #1 Cartoons

Enjoy this week's cartoons created by Madi Rapella and Andre Sitolini.