Mail Time is a cozy and colorful adventure

Get ready for your first day on the job as Grumblewood Grove’s newest Mail Scout in “Mail Time.” “Mail Time” is the debut title of the one-person game studio, Appelmoes Games, founded and run by Kela van der Deijl. 

The adorable indie title released on April 27 to PC and Mac computer through Steam and the Epic Games store, but is set to release to other platforms at a later date. In honor of the game’s release, “Mail Time” is currently on sale for $15.99 until May 11. Once the sale ends, it can be purchased for $19.99. 

In “Mail Time,” you play as a new Mail Scout (in training), setting off to complete their first assignment — delivering a letter to the mysterious Greg. Succeed in this assignment and you will become an official Mail Scout. 

In an effort to try and find Greg, you will meet all of Grumblewood Grove’s residents and help them deliver mail to one another.  

All of the characters in “Mail Time” have unique personalities and it was a joy getting to meet all of Grumblewood Grove’s residents. 

The characters’ dialogues are all well written and never get repetitive, with witty one-liners, some very charming side quests and some more silly ones. 

Overall, everything in “Mail Time” runs pretty smoothly. There were a few bugs I encountered during my playthrough but van der Deijl has been working quickly to release patches for reported bugs. Nothing was super game-breaking, however the bugs did prevent me from reaching 100% completion on my first playthrough. 

One of the most eye-catching and unique aspects to “Mail Time” is the art style. “Mail Time” is all in 3D but has a gorgeous coloring book or paper machete look to it. 

Every inch of Grumblewood Grove is beautiful and has lots of little details to bring the area to life. 

Additionally, all of the character models for the animal residents and the player characters are well done and fit in to the cottagecore type of aesthetic nicely. 

While talking with the other characters, the dialogue boxes will pop up in a 2D art style, much like a visual novel. It is a nice addition to the game and the drawings show so much expression. 

“Mail Time” is a relatively short game and can be beaten anywhere between two to roughly five hours, but it is well worth picking up. 

The story isn’t trying to be anything overly serious, but it does still come to a heartwarming ending for the Mail Scout. “Mail Time” is an easy-going game, but enjoyable the whole way through.

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