KeyWe is the cutest co-op

Take on the role of the most adorable postal worker in Stonewheat & Sons’ “KeyWe,” — a co-operative puzzle game that was released in August 2021 but recently gained traction on social media. 

In “KeyWe,” you and a friend can play as Jeff and Debra, two kiwi birds working in a whimsical post office employed by various animals, from cassowary mail carriers to an octopus sorting letters. 

After a few tutorial levels, where you will be introduced to the core mechanics of “KeyWe,” you will encounter progressively more complex puzzles and challenges as you progress through the game. 

As a small kiwi bird, you must become a creative problem-solver and use a mix of jumping, pecking, and butt-slamming to get the job done and get messages out on time. 

Through three vigorous months, you must face “perilous postal environments and navigate seasonal hazards while waddling through the Telepost’s various mail rooms,” according to the game’s description on Steam. 

Once the core mechanics of “KeyWe” have been established and players have the opportunity to get familiar with the Telepost’s routines, the game will build upon these as each day goes on. 

While the basic concepts remain the same, each level introduces a new twist, whether it be a new mechanic to be used moving forward or just something fun to diversify the level.

With each level bringing a new twist, it is easy to get sucked into “KeyWe” and want to play for hours without getting bored. Whether it’s the weather, a challenge brought on by one of the other animals or something to get in the holiday spirit, each level will always have some slight twist. 

If players want a break from the main levels, they can take on extra shifts that sometimes come with bonus pay, which differs from their usual postal duties. Each new season will introduce three new bonus jobs as you progress through the calendar. 

These minigames are a fun change of pace from the story campaign and a great way to earn extra stamps, the in-game currency. 

What do you use these stamps for? “KeyWe” offers a surprising amount of character customization. Using stamps, you can buy various hats, backpacks, hairstyles and more to ensure your kiwi is always the best dressed, no matter the occasion. 

Between cute character customization options and plenty of fun levels to play, there is no shortage of things to do in “KeyWe.” 

Even after you complete the story campaign, you can still replay levels to try and earn a gold medal by completing them in a fast enough time, working on finding collectibles hidden throughout the game or trying to earn all of the achievements. 

While “KeyWe” is fun, it isn’t without flaws and occasionally has a few bugs and lags sometimes while playing online on PC. However, the pros outweigh the cons and are still worth trying out. 

Overall, “KeyWe” has a lot to offer and can be a beginner-friendly game for those who are more interested in playing casually or more challenging for someone interested in trying to get gold on every level. 

“KeyWe” is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac computers and can be purchased for $24.99 for anyone interested in beginning the cutest postal worker adventure.

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