Chasing Aurora

A blanket of a thousands stars flicker above
There is a gentle hum of nature buzzing in our ears
Layers upon layers attempt to collect our body heat
Yet the arctic air clings onto our lashes and naked faces
We are here to see her; she listens to no one
But the ebony sky holds a hint of her
Where is she?
We are holding our breaths
Hopes are high and eyes are eager
Our gloved hands grip onto our cameras
Only with a camera’s eye can we capture her beauty
We continue to trudge through the bitter snow
Pieces of her start to become transparent
Do not be afraid, Aurora
We are holding our breaths
Hopes are high and eyes are eager
Then, in a flash, she illuminates the world below
The heavy darkness lifts from our shoulders
Mesmerizing ribbons of light draw me to the heavens
She dances and shimmers above us
My camera’s eye points to the sky
My heart fills with wonder
She is too dreamy and gorgeous for this world
And then suddenly I feel the darkness closing in
She is gone as fast as she came
Perhaps she could have stayed longer
But no, she is a free spirit

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