CSUMB gamers show off their knowledge

Trivia nights at California State University, Monterey Bay have officially ended for the 2022-23 school year. About 50 Otters participated in the video game themed trivia night held by Associated Students (AS) on May 3.

The eighth trivia night of the semester brought out all kinds of gamers – beginners, advanced and even those who only enjoy watching streamers play their favorite games. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Indie Games and Epic Games were the categories of the night. Out of the 50 questions asked, the consensus was that the questions pertaining to Microsoft and Sony were the hardest. 

“It went really well, and we didn’t really have any issues. We have a couple of winners tonight so it was good, and people had fun,” said Barrett Reinhard, a fourth-year graphic designer for AS and trivia night host.

The last trivia night was highly anticipated, mostly due to the prize – a Nintendo Switch for all winning team members. However a few days before the event, the prize was changed to a Minecraft Lego set. 

“Basically the budget got approved at the beginning but we ran out of money by the end of the year, so the prize had to be changed to a Lego set. If only one or two people got a prize then we could have done it, but since we wanted everyone who won to be rewarded, we opted to change the prize,” explained Reinhart.

This change didn’t stop people from having fun and giving their full effort. In fact, teams were so spirited, that there was a tie for first place. 

“Most of [the questions] were really easy. I came here expecting the Switch to be the prize, but the Lego set is still cool,” said fourth-year winner Michael Silva.

While Silva was confident in his ability to win, the other winning group had a bit of a different experience.

“It’s a very pleasant surprise. The questions were hard, for some of them I felt like ‘I know this’ and others I was totally lost. The Microsoft category wrecked us so bad,” said first year Eli McKinley.

“We didn’t think we’d win, so it was a very good experience,” explained first-year Melody Klaas. Klaas shared that while it would have been nice to win a Nintendo Switch, “I’ll take anything, I’m just happy to be here.”

Hope is not lost for those who still want a chance at winning the popular gaming console. Trivia nights are expected to make a comeback in the fall semester, according to AS Programs and Communications Coordinator Zach Simmons.

“I’m already planning [trivia nights] for fall,” shared Simmons. “And we will definitely be giving away a Switch.”

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