Current AS president is hopeful for the future of CSUMB

With Associated Students (AS) holding elections two weeks ago to fill next year’s board, current president David Ledesma has high hopes for the future of AS at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB). With his final semester coming to an end, Ledesma is reflecting on his time spent being the voice for students at CSUMB.

“The best part has been the relationships I’ve built. Not just with the other officers, but with administration and important stakeholders, such as members of the California State University board of trustees,” explained Ledesma, a fourth-year global studies major.

Ledesma has worked with AS for just over two years, and started out as the vice president of financial affairs before being elected as president during his last year on campus.

Photo courtesy of Associated Students

After graduating, Ledesma hopes “to see the administration in its golden years. With the fee referendum that just passed, I think the administration that will follow me will have better access to do greater things for the student body.”

According to Ledesma, the referendum will allow AS to collaborate with more campus departments, as well as having increased student services. “I’m ecstatic for [students] to have an AS administration that has abundant resources,” he said.

Campus affairs aren’t the only thing Ledesma is well versed in – he also has lots of advice for current and future Otters.

After being a CSUMB student for four years, Ledesma can confidently tell students that “if you want to enjoy your student experience you just have to go out and try new things. As cliché as that sounds, it really is something that can have a profound impact on you.”

He went even further and advised students to “be the most genuine version of yourself and do everything in your ability to advance your own interests and those of the people around you.”
Ledesma also encourages students to not be afraid to email AS or walk into the office on the second floor of the student union if they have any questions or need help navigating formalities on campus. Students can check the AS page on for the office hours of their elected representatives.

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