Lil Gator Game: where you’re a ‘lil gator’, making a game

MegaWobble’s “Lil Gator Game” is an adorably wholesome adventure that was released on Dec. 14 and has been well-received by many gamers, with overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

It’s easy to see why so many players love “Lil Gator Game.” In it, you are a young gator trying to create a game so fun and awesome that your big sister – who is now in college – will want to play with you again, just like old times.

Throughout an afternoon, you venture through the island that’s been decorated by your friends with cardboard cutouts of enemies for you to destroy, go on quests and make new friends – all in an effort to get the attention of Big Sis.

As all the enemies are cardboard, you don’t take fall damage, you can’t die and there are no real consequences for making mistakes, “Lil Gator Game” is a no-pressure adventure game, but still incredibly fun.

Even if the game is no-pressure, there are plenty of things to do. As you explore the big island, there will be simple side quests that will unlock new items: whether it be something cosmetic, like a new hat, or a new weapon to take on cardboard foes with. 

Each area is filled with loveable characters who, after completing their quests, will then return to the playground and help turn it into a fantasy town. Don’t let their blank stares fool you – every new character you meet is unique and full of personality. As you progress through the game, the playground will become full of life, with new friends coming to play.

As it is a relatively short game and doesn’t expand much outside the core mechanics initially established, there isn’t much to say about the “Lil Gator Game” gameplay. However, this simplicity is done by design, and “Lil Gator Game” benefits from it.

“Lil Gator Game” doesn’t need to be bogged down with increasing difficulty throughout the game or having complex puzzles for you to solve. Keeping it simple allows “Lil Gator Game” to focus on the imagination and creativity of the child protagonist. 

It is a surprisingly heartfelt game, full of loveable characters and hilarious dialogue. For only $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac computers, it is definitely worth picking up and going on the whimsical adventure “Lil Gator Game” has to offer.

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