Career Fair is right around the corner

Story by Anastasia Swann

Three career fairs take place Feb. 21, 22 and 23, each targeting different student demographics. These events are very beneficial for students looking to break into their prospective career fields or just to find on or off-campus jobs. Either way, you want to make a good impression but need to know how to prepare for an event that demands professionalism. 

Multiple campus resource programs in partnership with Second-Year Experience have come together to help give students a leg up when they’re ready to join the workforce.

The Career Fair Prep is almost a week before any career fairs start, taking place on Wednesday, February 15 at 11 a.m. and will provide a variety of resources that are all free to students.

  • Resume Review: Career advisors from the Center for Academic, Career and Student Success will assist students who bring their resumes to improve their content and format.
  • Say Cheese: The communications department will give students professional headshots for their professional portfolios, Linkedin accounts and more.
  • Keep Calm: We’re all well aware of the stress of interviewing and applying for jobs, and Basic Needs has got you covered. They’ll provide students with tips and tricks on managing their anxieties and going into their interviews confidently.
  • Look Good, Play Good: Don’t let a lack of business wear hold you back from taking advantage of the opportunities these career fairs pose! Otter Outfitters will be there for students to find the perfect interview outfit for them.
  • Best Hair Day: Haircuts aren’t always affordable for students; sometimes, a fresh cut is all you need. That’s what ClipDart is there for! They are professional barbers who ensure every student looks and feels their best, textured or straight hair.

Head over to MyRaft to register for these events and get more information.

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