Young adults want candy too!

Halloween for children is a time when they can dress up as pretty princesses or scary Michael Myers and get loads of candy. It’s a fun time where they can meet up with friends and family and go door to door saying those blissful words: “Trick-or-treat!” 

As we age, that tends to change, seeing as we’re adults and the same things we could do once as children we can’t do anymore. Trick-or-treating may be something we outgrow and may be childlike for some of us, but that does vary with each person. 

The California State University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB) campus does provide different events to get a child-like feeling back in our lives. Some examples include Trunk-or-Treat, Spooky Fest, the October Mixer and more. 

Most students feel they should still be able to trick-or-treat, no matter their age, and would like to see just a few more things from the campus. There could be some trick-or-treating opportunities or a haunted house. 

“We used to go to my neighbor’s house as a family and from there go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I wish I could still go trick-or-treating. I miss it, it was super fun,”  said third-year Abigail Farr. “Maybe the school can turn the dorms into a trick-or-treating event and we could get candy that way.”

“I do all the same traditions I did as a kid. We stopped for a while but then picked it back up again. My wife and I are big on decorations, so maybe seeing more decorations around campus would help me feel that childhood feeling again,” said fourth-year Nicolas Porras.

For many, Halloween is a time for everyone to have fun and enjoy living in their fantasies, even if it’s just for one night. 

“I feel like as you grow up, you stop trick-or-treating and (wearing) costumes as well because I honestly don’t dress up anymore or go to parties either,” said fourth-year Karsyn Pokorny. “I think it’s kind of sad because I love candy. I don’t know what we do on campus, but maybe like some costume contest or bring your bag of candy and share with everyone kind of thing.”

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