Sales that will leave you screaming

Halloween is here, and Steam is celebrating with the “Steam Scream Fest” – a sale centered around horror games ending Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. With so many games on sale, here are some recommendations for the best deals to meet all your spooky needs.

Resident Evil Village

“Resident Evil Village” is the latest installment of the “Resident Evil” series, which was released on May 6. The first-person survival horror game is full of intense moments and beautiful graphics. It took home the Game of the Year award from the 2021 Steam Awards and four awards from the Golden Joystick Awards. It is currently on sale for $29.99, or you can pick up the 2022 “Resident Evil” Halloween Pack bundle for $49.88 instead of its usual $139.96 price.

Dead by Daylight 

Initially released in 2016, “Dead by Daylight” is a great game to play with friends. It is a multiplayer survival game where you can play as one of four survivors or the killer. As a survivor, you must find and restart five generators to open up the escape. Playing as the killer, you must find all of the survivors before they can escape. 

“Dead by Daylight” has continued to be updated, with new survivors or killers being added either in a free update or as paid downloadable content (DLC). You can pick up the base game for  $7.99 or some of the DLC at various discounted prices.

Little Nightmares

“Little Nightmares” is a dark whimsical tale that will force players to confront their childhood fears. Developed by indie team Tarsier Studios, the 2017 title is full of mystery, unsettling visuals, and spooky vibes. “Little Nightmares” doesn’t rely on jumpscares and instead leans into horror elements through the atmosphere, music, sounds, lighting, and art style. 

While it is worth the full price of $29.99, “Little Nightmares” is on sale for $7.49. 

Hollow Knight

For those who don’t love the horror genre, but still want something with a spooky yet cute aesthetic, look no further than “Hollow Knight.” Developed by Team Cherry, the indie title still has some unsettling moments thanks to its somewhat dark yet whimsical art style. Meet lovable bug friends, fight unique bosses, and explore the world of Hollow Nest, all for $7.49. 

Read the full review of “Hollow Knight” here

Outlast Series

The “Outlast” series is a classic horror title, and the original game will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. Play as investigative journalist Miles Upshur as you explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to discover its secrets. Even in 2022, “Outlast” is one of the best horror experiences and was a game-changer for the genre. You can pick up the game for $2.99 and the Whistleblower DLC for $1.34. 

In “Outlast 2,” play as cameraman and investigative journalist Blake Langermann, accompanied by his wife Lynn, as you follow a trail of clues leading you miles into the Arizona desert, starting with the seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant woman. “Outlast 2” can be purchased on sale for $4.49. 


“Blasphemous” is another game that doesn’t lean too heavily into horror elements but still has an overall creepy vibe with unsettling cutscenes, brutal combat, and grotesque bosses. “Blasphemous” definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but it will be an unforgettable journey if you dare to embark on it. Pick up the 2019 title for $6.24. 
Read the full review of “Blasphemous” here.

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