Ogling over Ooblets

Set sail for an adorable yet weird adventure with “Ooblets” – a farming simulator about creature collection and dancing.

Indie game studio Glumerland’s debut game, “Ooblets,” released Sept. 1 to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows computers and can be purchased for $29.99. The game quickly grabbed the attention of many gamers thanks to its adorable art style and relaxed game play.

In “Ooblets,” you play as someone who has just recently moved to Badgetown, a seaside town on the island of Oob. Players can spend their time renovating and decorating their farm and home, raising weird little friends, participating in card-based dance battles and helping Mayor Tinstle save the town while unlocking the secrets of Oob along the way.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and is slightly weird but fun to play. 

It has simple mechanics and is easy to get the hang of. There are tasks the game encourages players to complete, but everything can be done at the pace the player wishes to go at and there aren’t any strict time components to quest, making for a relaxed but fun game play experience. 

As you explore the land of Oob, you can participate in dance-offs with Ooblets, fun little creatures that will help you complete chores and follow you on adventures.

The dance-offs play out like a card game. At the start of each turn, you get a new hand of cards with different dance moves your Ooblets can perform. Every move will cost a certain amount of beats, and your turn will end after you run out of beats.

Whoever hits the max amount of points first will win. If you win, the Ooblet you faced off against will reward you with a seed. The seed can then be planted, and you will grow that Ooblet, and it will join your crew. 

The other major component of “Ooblets” is farming. Players can farm different crops that will turn into materials to use in crafting, cooking, or to give to Ooblets as an offering for dance battles.

The farming mechanics are pretty simple and since the player’s farm is small, it is easy to manage. 

While “Ooblets” is simplistic, it still has completionist aspects for those interested. There are various quests or “Tinstle Tasks” for players to complete and a “Pokemon”-esque “gotta catch ‘em all” aspect to the game. 

Each species of Ooblet has three different variations: common, uncommon and gleamy. As the names might suggest, the common ones appear in Oob more regularly, while the uncommon variants are seen less frequently, and the gleamy ones are the rarest. 

Outside of the core mechanics presented in the game, players can also work on personal projects such as decorating their homes to their liking.

There are various shops in Badgetown where you can purchase furniture, crop seeds, clothing or freshen up your hairstyle at the barber shop. 

It is refreshing to see a game not take itself so seriously. “Ooblets” was a fun project for the development team, and you can get a clear sense of their humor through the game. From an adorable art style to fun gameplay and weird characters, “Ooblets” has it all.

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