Kinesiology event unlocks career readiness knowledge

California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) kinesiology students learned what it takes to be a physical therapist in the first of a four-part series. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Career Services hosted a Zoom meeting called the Career Readiness Series for Physical Therapy. 

This event provided students with information on how they can get a jump start on their careers and answered questions to help them find the best resources they can use for their future. 

The presenters, Career Specialist Teresa Martinez and Academic Advisor Teresa Salters started by explaining the differences between physical therapy professions and their salaries.

“Any job or when you’re applying to a graduate program, they are looking for these types of skills and so you want to explain to them ‘I show flexibility, patience, time management in one of my group projects or classes,’” said Martinez. 

They then proceeded to ask the students what they could improve on in those areas and many answered time management and patience. 

Not only did this provide opportunities for students to grow and learn more about what they want to do, it also gave students a chance to voice their thoughts and concerns. 

“When trying to figure out if classes you have taken fulfill certain prerequisites, do we reach out to someone at CSUMB, the program we are applying to, or both?” asked Lauryn Ordinola, a student at CSUMB.

Martinez explained all kinesiology students will have access to a roadmap and checklist to help them figure out what order they should be taking their classes in. The documents were sent out to them after the meeting. 

The campus is trying to create as many outlets for students to have as possible to ensure they succeed. With the help of staff and faculty, students hopefully feel they have many opportunities and individuals to confide in for help. 

The next installment of the series will be on Oct 4, where students can learn more about occupational therapy.

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