Food trucks make first return to campus after COVID

California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Otter Kitchens executed a trial run on food trucks Thursday, Sep. 8 and left it up to the students to determine what they prefer to eat in an easy, on-the-go way. 

There were two food trucks, one serving chicken burgers and fries while the other had more pinto beans, chicken, and rice bowls. 

“So this is kind of a trial run of our food trucks. We were looking into bringing some more on in the future, so we just want to see how successful it is and get a judgment on what kind of food trucks (students) want to see,” said Alexandra Perez, the marketing manager and sustainability coordinator for Otter Kitchens.  

The university is trying to ensure the students have food they prefer, while trying to keep it unbiased by conducting surveys for the students to fill out after ordering at the food trucks. 

Otter Kitchens hopes with the students’ feedback, there will be more food trucks in the future and an opportunity for the campus to grow even more. 

“I was excited because I often eat pizza at the Dining Commons and I thought this was better. I would want this to continue and would like there to be Chinese food for other food trucks,” said international student Shion Kinoshita. 

“Yeah, I enjoyed that we had options,” said transfer student Angie Davis. “I would like to see more of this just because I’ve never really gotten to do food trucks from where I am, so this was a new experience for me. I would like to see Mexican cuisine for other food trucks.” 

Many students appear to be thrilled to see what other possibilities there are for the campus to have with these food trucks. Keep an eye out for more food truck events on Otter Kitchens’ social media and MyRaft.

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