It Takes Two redefines co-op gaming

Released in March 2021, Hazelight Studios’s “It Takes Two” took the title of Game of the Year at The Game Awards. It also won Best Family Game and People’s Choice: Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards. Since its initial launch, “It Takes Two” has been praised for innovative gameplay and unique storytelling.

Unlike most multiplayer games nowadays, “It Takes Two” plays like a couch co-op game, despite being able to play with a friend online. This introduced a new way for people to work collaboratively to solve the various puzzles throughout the game.

Additionally, Hazelight Studios doesn’t force both parties to purchase the game. If you are playing online with a friend, only one person needs to buy the game. You can then join them via invite with the “It Takes Two” Friend’s Pass, available to download for free.

“It Takes Two” is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation but unfortunately does not offer cross-platform compatibility.

In “It Takes Two,” you play as Cody and May, a couple on the verge of a divorce. Their daughter Rose finds out they are planning to divorce and turns to Dr. Hakim’s “Book of Love” to help her mom and dad stay together.

Screenshot by Arianna Nalbach

This transports the players into a magical world as two of Rose’s toys, resembling Cody and May. To return to their real bodies, the couple must listen to the “Book of Love,” overcome their differences, and save their marriage.

While the story might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the design and gameplay are still well worth giving the game a playthrough. It is easy to put the overarching story to the side and focus on the immersive world as you progress through the game.

Each level presents the players with new gameplay mechanics and a visually interesting world to accompany it. With new mechanics, puzzles, mini-games, and characters introduced in every level, there is never a dull moment in “It Takes Two.”

There are tons of small details in every world with things you can interact with. All these make it fun to explore every last inch of the world, to try and find every little detail.

“It Takes Two” also plays very smoothly and has next to no bugs. When entering a new level, the game introduces the new mechanics fluidly and gives players just enough information on how to use new tools without spelling out the answers for how to solve the puzzles.

All the puzzles are fun and unique from one another, keeping the game from feeling repetitive.

“It Takes Two” is a relatively short game, with the main story taking roughly 10 hours to complete. However, with all the different areas to explore and mini-games included, you can extend the amount of time you get out of the game before running out of new things to do.

Overall, “It Takes Two” is absolutely worth picking up. It is a short and sweet game, redefining what a co-op experience can be.

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