The key to being single on Valentine’s Day

In the season of love, it can be hard to cherish being single and truly love yourself when society tells you that Valentine’s Day is a way to show your appreciation for your significant others, but what about appreciation for yourself?

Self-love is the key to being single on Valentine’s Day because once you truly open up to self-care, you can dive into the root of admiring yourself.

A way to do this is to find relaxing activities that help you feel good about yourself and participate in things you enjoy doing.

Third-year Felicity Ganjeh said a great way to celebrate would be “wearing a cute Valentines Day outfit, whether it be themed pajamas or you getting all glammed up, just something to set the mood for Valentines Day with pink or red lights, a nice air diffuser, relaxing while watching your favorite romantic movies, and some chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Along with doing things you love you can also spend the time with people you love, whether that’s friends or family, you don’t have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in order to have fun.

“Buy stuff for yourself, whatever you feel is nice for yourself, treat yourself. Be in a great relationship with you,” said third-year, Austin Narayan. “The only relationship that should matter is the one with yourself because that’s the one you started with.”

Loving yourself is all you can do at the end of the day because if you don’t, other people will think they don’t have to either.

Fourth-year, Riley Romero said “it comes down to the simple principles of putting yourself first, a lot of people think that Valentine’s Day has to be romantic, but it can just be a personal journey.”

Valentine’s Day is what you make of it. You don’t have to go out to a romantic dinner – you can just stay inside and do some self-care, whether that’s face masks or just watching a movie and eating your favorite food.

There is always room for growth, and through growing, you find yourself and become the person you truly want to be, so enjoy the journey and remember to love yourself.

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