Taare Zameen Par: stars on earth

“Taare Zameen Par” is a heartfelt movie about the power a teacher has to change a child’s life, and the challenges students who don’t conform to normal learning standards face. 

Ishaan, a young boy living in India, is sent to boarding school by his father for not keeping up with the other students his age. No matter how hard he tries, the numbers and letters refuse to stay still, causing frustration and outbursts. 

While the transition to boarding school is emotional, it ends up being a life changing transition.

The movie stars Indian actor Aamir Khan as a silly but talented and insightful art teacher who works at Ishaan’s boarding school and takes him under his wing.

The movie is filled with charming graphics and illustrations, and gives the viewer a look inside the head of a student with dyslexia living in a family and country that highly prizes good marks in school.

“Taare Zameen Par” exposes some of the glaring issues within the current education system in most countries, which is a system that does not accommodate people who learn differently. 

This movie also shows the power art can have in many neurodivergent people’s lives.

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