Mimi: a story of family and exploitation

“If orphans were a country of their own, the population would rank ninth in the world. More than 153 million children are waiting for parents.” 

This statistic precedes the credits to the film “Mimi,” released in July 2021 and available on Netflix.

“Mimi” tells the story of a young woman in a small town in India who dreams of becoming an actress, but lacks the funds to travel to Mumbai to make her dreams come true. 

An entrepreneurial driver escorting an American couple in search of a surrogate after difficulties trying to conceive connects Mimi with the traveling tourists. Everyone seems to be happy with this arrangement until news causes unexpected difficulties and emotional drama.

Along the way, Mimi is supported by a loving friend and overbearing, yet caring, family. The movie is definitely emotional and dramatic. At times it is uncomfortable to watch the American’s actions, essentially exploiting the dreams of a poor girl to get the child they think they want.

The movie is filled with songs and dancing that break up the drama.

The plot is somewhat predictable, but the story is an important one. In 2002, India legalized the practice of surrogacy, but recently the practice has come under scrutiny and a series of restrictions due to the exploitative nature. 

“Mimi” tells a story that is common for thousands of women in India.

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