“Cozy Grove” is the perfect game for the cozy season

“Cozy Grove” is an indie life simulation game about camping on a haunted island that was initially released on March 19, 2021. It retails for $14.99 and is now available on PC, Xbox, Playstation, the Nintendo Switch and Apple devices with an Apple Arcade subscription. 

Playing as a Spirit Scout, gamers will work to help soothe local ghosts and explore the island. “Cozy Grove” starts off as a very desaturated island, purely in grayscale. However, as players progress through the different ghosts’ stories and help them, more and more color returns to the island.

“Cozy Grove” syncs to the player’s system and progresses in real time. Each day, there is up to two hours of quest content for players to go through and progress in the story. 

This helps players pace themselves and is a nice, relaxing change to look forward to each day. Whether you’re coming home from a long day at work, finishing up a stressful project or just looking for a different game to play, “Cozy Grove” offers the perfect chance to simply unwind and enjoy the game’s atmosphere.

Progressing in real time and having only a set amount of quests to go through each day makes “Cozy Grove” fairly low-commitment. This is perfect for gamers who don’t have time to dedicate tons of hours to a heavily story-driven game.

Even after completing the story quests for the day, players can still craft, fish or decorate their camp as much as they wish.  

According to the game’s description on Nintendo’s website, “Cozy Grove” offers 40+ hours of campaign gameplay that is designed to last their players months.

“Cozy Grove” has an adorable 2D art style that is somewhat reminiscent of the “Don’t Starve” games. On top of a similar art style, “Cozy Grove” also plays similarly to “Don’t Starve;” however, there’s nothing trying to kill the player’s character and there’s no way to die. 

As the title would suggest, “Cozy Grove” is very calming and chill, but still holds a spooky vibe in the best way possible. Every aspect of the game embraces the cozy vibe, from the art, music and subject matter of the game.

For only $15, “Cozy Grove” is definitely worth picking up for anyone who loves cozy games. With loveable characters and art style, it is safe to say Spry Fox did an amazing job with “Cozy Grove.” It is the perfect game as the weather cools down. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the world of “Cozy Grove.”

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