Roma: an immersive look in 1970s Mexico

Roma is a one-of-a-kind movie. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, the movie is shot is black and white, and both the sound and the cinematography are uniquely immersive. 

Viewers can wear headphones while watching the film and feel as if they are part of the movie itself, hearing the sound travel as the camera pans. Unusual shots, where the viewer becomes the television with the actors looking straight at the camera, and others where the main character almost disappears in a wide angle view add to the individuality of the film. 

In 2019, Roma won an Academy Award for its cinematography.

Besides the cinematography, the story also immerses viewers. The plot follows Cleo, a domestic worker in 1970s Mexico, who takes care of a family with four children. The movie has a documentary feel, but the cinematography adds to the surrealness. 

Viewers should watch Roma if they want an immersive viewing experience, and a look into what life was like for different socioeconomic groups in 1970s Mexico. Roma is available on Netflix.

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