“PICO PARK” is adorably hilarious

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends, family or roommates, look no further than “PICO PARK.” 

“PICO PARK” is an adorably minimalistic game available for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows computers through the Steam store. Retailing for only $4.99, “PICO PARK” is a great game to pick up and try out.

“PICO PARK” is an indie co-operative puzzle game for two to eight players developed by TECOPARK. There are three different game modes to choose from: world, endless and battle.

In world mode, players must work together to pass each level. Levels can be cleared by getting a key and unlocking the door. Each world has a different theme to it with its own challenges that players must work together to pass. There are 12 worlds to play through, and there are four levels per world. 

Even after completing the world mode, there is still plenty to do in “PICO PARK.” Players can choose to continue to world together in endless mode or against each other in battle mode. 

Endless and battle mode each offer four different minigames to play. In the endless mode minigames, you must work together with your friends to try and get the highest score possible. This allows for replayability in “PICO PARK,” because players can always try to beat their old high score. 

For players more on the competitive side, there is battle mode. In battle mode, players can swap between four different minigames. The first person to win three of the minigames wins the round.

Many reviews on Steam joke about the game ruining friendships but since its’ release on May 7, “PICO PARK” has received very positive reviews, with a total of over 4,000 reviews currently on Steam, more than 90 percent of them have been positive.

Even though it is a minimalist game, “PICO PARK” has a lot more to offer than initially meets the eye. Plus, for only $5, it is well worth the money to get some laughs in with friends!


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