Letter from the editor

Welcome back Otters!

My name is Cassidy Ulery and I am thrilled to formally introduce myself as this semester’s editor-in-chief of The Lutrinae. I served as former editor-in-chief Sydney Brown’s assistant editor last year and am the columnist of Vivlio Talks. I joined The Lutrinae in Spring 2020 after transferring from the Bay Area to California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

I am a fourth-year humanities and communications major with a concentration in journalism and media studies and I will be graduating in December. 

I became interested in journalism after volunteering with The Lutrinae, where I discovered my passion for producing weekly articles, attending events and interacting with a variety of people. Working as the assistant editor for the school newspaper provided me with an exceptional amount of knowledge about reporting, while allowing me to grow as a writer and team member. 

Writing has always been an outlet of self-expression for me. I have a strong respect for the ways writing can provoke change in society, enabling us to grasp new ideas and perspectives on ourselves and our communities. 

While The Lutrinae will continue publishing fully online for Fall, we look forward to delivering weekly content on thelutrinae.com and on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. 

I take great pride in the role The Lutrinae holds on CSUMB’s campus, allowing students to express themselves while providing a safe platform to enhance their journalistic abilities. I strongly encourage students to engage with the newspaper and all it offers: insightful articles on various topics ranging from news, opinion, creative works, student leadership, sports, book reviews, horoscopes and more. Our staff is dedicated to sharing the most accurate, relatable and entertaining content with our peers.

Thank you for all of your continued support, words cannot express how excited I am to continue The Lutrinae’s legacy. I wish you all a successful and enjoyable Fall 2021 semester!


Cassidy Ulery

Editor-in-Chief of The Lutrinae 


  1. I am an ‘otter grandmother’ and look forward to reading the Lutrinae online each week. I read the first issue….fascinating…and look forward to forthcoming issues. Nice introduction and good luck in your time as editor.

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