A foray into French film gone wrong

With dozens of French films on Netflix, there are bound to be a few bad ones. However, “West Coast” was truly très très horrible. The only thing viewers can take away from the film, if they manage to make it all the way through, is a myriad of French curse words to add to their vocabulary and a feeling of confusion about why such a movie exists.

The moral the movie seems to be aiming for is that the four teenage boys, who are the main characters, learn to value each other’s friendship. However, in order to watch them learn this moral the viewer must listen to the main characters spew racial and gay slurs, as well as insulting women. 

One character tries to tell one of boys that insulting women is not the way to their heart, but it is unclear whether this message sinks in.

For viewers looking to feel very uncomfortable and confused, this is the movie for them. Otherwise, there are better French films out there.

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