Senior class gift

If you’re up next on the graduating list of the class of 2021, I would like to congratulate you! I too will be graduating this spring, and although I’m sure we can all agree that this past year wasn’t quite what we expected from our CSUMB experience, we still made it! Now comes the cheers, the celebration and the thank you’s to everyone who was able to support us on our journey to success. What better way to celebrate your time here at CSUMB than to leave a legacy by donating to the senior class gift?

The senior class gift is a way to leave your last impression on CSUMB and to commemorate not only yourself, but also your fellow classmates, family, and friends or faculty and staff members. If you are a graduate, you can make a gift in honor of a family member or a special faculty or staff member at CSUMB. If you are a faculty or staff member, you can give in honor of a student you are proud to see successfully graduate. If you are a family member or friend you can give in honor of your graduate! 

In the past, money raised by the senior class gift went into student scholarships and ultimately benefited student academic success. This year, due to the hardships of the pandemic, all donations made from the senior class gift will directly go towards the basic needs fund. This will aid students with housing fees, food costs, technology purchases and so much more. I am grateful that I have this opportunity to give back to my fellow otters, therefore, I will be donating $20.21 in honor of the year I am graduating. In the future, the senior class gift donations will go towards one of three different options that will be voted on by current graduating students. 

This tradition of giving back is a great way to build the philanthropic footsteps for CSUMB and fellow Otters to follow! For more information you can visit

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