Fall fashion trends

Summer is officially coming to an end and we’re transitioning into fall. With the change in seasons, fashion trends are also changing.

The fall season is most often associated with more warm tone colors such as red, orange and brown, which can also be seen in the fashion trends for the season.

Some constant staples for the fall season include flannels, sweaters, scarves and other clothing for the cooler weather. Many fall looks often include multiple layers to keep people warm as the weather cools down.

“Staples [for me are] boots, bralettes and outerwear like a jean jacket or cardigan, as well as earrings,” said freshman Emma Alexander.

[Wear] booties, a cropped sweater and a cute hat. [Go] for warmer colors, as well as olive and black. Typically that’s what I wear, but I’ve seen it quite often in Orange County. That’s mainly what we wear in fall since it isn’t too hot or too cold,” she said.

Coming from a place like Southern California, where the weather tends to stay much warmer than cities like Monterey, can also affect fashion choices. Alexander explained the weather here can be a bit unpredictable in the fall.

“I’m not sure [if it’ll be different here] because I’ve heard mixed reviews on the weather,” said Alexander. “Some say it gets in the 80s in October. If that’s the case, [I’ll] probably [wear more] skirts and shorts. If it’s colder, jeans and fully-clothed with cardigans and jackets.”

Of course, everyone still has their personal preferences and puts their own personal style into their outfits, while still keeping up with the latest trends.

“I love wearing either sweater dresses with tights or jeans, tank [and] cardigan outfit with booties and a black hat and [gold jewelry],” explained Alexander.

Whether someone chooses to stick more to the staple trends of fall or branch out and mix their own style in with it, there’s no denying that there will be a definite shift in the outfits people wear with the change in weather.

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