21-year-old loses part of leg after hit and run

“The victim was flung from the motorcycle and suffered traumatic injuries to his leg,” said the Seaside police department after 21-year-old Alex Danylo was hit by a truck on Jan. 19. Danylo was riding his motorcycle on Del Monte Boulevard when a truck side- swiped him.

Laura Monserrat Zavala was arrested for felony hit and run after she turned herself in to the authorities. She is out on bail. Authorities say that it is unclear whether or not she was intoxicated at the time of the hit and run.

“I was riding my Harley and some lady in a Tundra made a left turn across my lane and hit me at almost a T-bone angle. I flew over the hood of the truck and slid on the road for a few feet when I landed,” said Danylo as he retold this terrible night.

“When I attempted to stand up, I looked down at my feet and my left leg had my boot hanging by a nerve. I rolled on my back and tried to wave down another driver to pull over and help me. Eventually someone did pull over and call 911,” he said.

“I also had them tie off my stump with my belt to slow blood flow. The ambulance showed up shortly after and took me to the hospital about 30 minutes away. My blood pressure was too low for any medication and I was awake the entire time,” he continued.

“The pain was unbearable. When I got to the hospital, the staff inspected my injuries and cut the nerve,” said Danylo. He described this pain as the worst thing he has ever felt in his life and hopes that no one else will ever have to suffer the same agony that he did that night.

Danylo’s injuries were so devastating that his leg had to be amputated just below the knee. “Since being in the hospital I’ve had eight surgeries to try and save the stump below the knee. I’ve been in the hospital since January 19 and and expected to be released February 20,” he said.

“The driver fled the scene but luckily the impact knocked her license plate off. The truck was impounded the next day and she turned herself in three days after that with an attorney and a bail bondsman. She is currently out of jail,” said Danylo.

Since the accident Danylo has had to undergo multiple surgeries. Many of the surgeries were to graft skin onto his leg. Some of the skin had failed to graft and it has taken many tries. Doctors are also trying to save his knee in hopes that he might be fitted with a comfortable prosthetic.

Danylo has started to walk with help from nurses and a walker. Soon after the surgeries began the family and friends of Danylo began using the hashtags #justiceforAlex and #prayforAlex to spread some awareness to the surrounding community about his situation and a Gofundme account was quickly made for his medical bills.

With the many surgeries that Danylo has undergone and all of the surgeries to come, money has been tight for his family. The Gofundme account is providing money for the medical bills.

As of today, the Gofundme account has reached $13,000 out of the $20,000 goal. The family is very excited as they will eventually be able to focus on their lives and not have to stress about the medical bills along with everything else.

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