The Performing Otters take on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

California State University, Monterey Bay community members became creatures of the night during the screening and live shadow performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” on Oct. 27. Presented by The Performing Otters in the Otter Student Union (OSU) Ballroom, actors danced in front of the screen in sync with the original movie.

The audience brought the show to life with props and callout phrases, dissing the character Brad every time he introduced himself and yelling “where’s his neck?” when the narrator came on screen. 

The show opened with a costume contest with contestants being members of the audience. A couple dressed as the main characters, Brad and Janet, won first place and were awarded with tickets to a rage room, where attendants can blow off steam by destroying objects safely. 

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was never known for having boundaries, and The Performing Otters stayed in character as they interacted with the audience throughout the show. The original film is from 1975, and has sexual themes considered beyond controversial for its time. 

Ben Pierson, the actor who played Brad said that students should come to Performing Otters shows because “we’re really open to absolutely anyone who wants to come enjoy theater and be a part of it.” Pierson loves Rocky Horror because “It’s so weird and niche. The callouts are so weird, and everyone knows different callouts and different things to throw. Everyone does it their own way and it’s just so funny and weird.”

The floor was scattered with playing cards, flowers and newspapers after over 150 students and actors made the OSU Ballroom into their own castle. 

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