Assassins at CSUMB

Have you ever considered becoming an assassin? If so, this may be an opportunity for you. 

MB Assassin is a student-organized event at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), that allows students to branch out to fellow Otters. 

Wondering how it works? 

“Students living on campus can team up with their friends and compete against [other teams], squirting each other with water guns, hunting other teams down every week to compete for a cash prize,” says Garrett Hardin, a third-year student and head coordinator of MB Assassin. “It’s put on for the students, by the students. Students can get involved in whatever way they want really.” 

“Each team that plays pays $10; all the money is collected and put into one jackpot. Our typical amount, with 40 players [and] 20 teams, turns out to be around $200 per game,” said Hardin.

This “assassin” game is traditionally played by upperclassmen in high school, but Hardin notes how “it’s a fun way for students to interact with each other and make friends.” 

Hardin would like for this event to become a part of the CSUMB culture and not be seen as just another student-led campus event. The team behind MB Assassin are looking to hire a production crew with video editors, videographers, producers and more in order to make a full TV production for season four of the game.

“Something like this, a television show where students can come together to create it, is a cool idea to leave behind as a legacy here at CSUMB.” Hardin went on to elaborate how “[CSUMB is] not known for our party life, we’re not [really] known for much, not fraternities or anything like that.” 

Sign-ups will be open for two weeks and will close on Oct. 14; the game starts on Oct. 16. Any further questions should be directed to the MB assassin Instagram, @mb.assassin. 

Happy hunting!

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