Otters learn about class, classism & activism with Rita Zhang

California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) students attended Rita Zhang’s “Intro to Class, Classism, and Activism” to get more educated on the topics of class and classism and learn how to create the change they want through activism on Monday, April 3.

The workshop was hosted by the Otter Cross Cultural Center at CSUMB and was led by financial empowerment educator, facilitator and coach Rita Zhang.

Zhang brings more than 14 years of social justice experience from movement-building, direct service and education spaces to her financial work and has also founded Community Roots Financials (CRF) to create and hold space for low-income and working class communities to be whole, joyful and free through financial empowerment.

The event was held in a discussion-based structure, where Zhang facilitated conversation about the topics between the hosts and the students using breakout groups and story sharing. 

The first half of the workshop dealt with explaining the major topics of class, classism and activism by elaborating on what exactly they are and how they relate and affect individuals.

The second half of the workshop was focused on what exactly students can do through activism to create change surrounding these topics. This second half was very interactive between the hosts and the students attending. Students were encouraged to share ideas and personal experiences.

Zhang holds multiple free online Financial Literacy workshops throughout the semester for CSUMB students who are interested in becoming more financially educated.

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