Students learn about summer universities in Germany

In a Zoom presentation on Feb. 28, Christiane Hendess and Charlotte Meyn provided California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) students with information about both of their International Summer University programs and why this would be a great experience with lots of opportunities.   

They clarify not only the cost and class schedules but also other activities you can partake in that are made to be fun, so you’re not only thinking about classes. 

“There were positive evaluations, and some said that the perspectives they gained here have contributed to their work opportunities,” said Hendess, an International Summer University (ISU) Coordinator.

The program opens students up to different possibilities that they may not be able to get here in the United States.  

They do recommend this program and students have learned just as much in three weeks than they would have in a semester, Hendess stated. 

Not only is the university in Osnabrück open with lots of opportunities, but so is the program at the University of Lingen.

“We’re going to be visiting a lot of businesses which is a great opportunity to network and to get a kickstart on your future careers,” said Meyn, an ISU coordinator.

The University in Lingen focuses more on the business aspect of things which is helpful to those who want to start their own. It also looks into some technology and helps students grow into that. 

“It’s a real combination where we have lectures, we have a practical project, we have company visits and is open to students of our universities as well as international students,” Meyn said.  

Both universities provide opportunities to learn different things and a summer abroad program is an excellent chance to go out of the country. 

Not only are there chances for you to grow within your career but also to experience a change of scenery and soak up the culture of Germany. 

“Our summer university is open to everyone, we’re open to all subjects you don’t need to be a business major in order to formally participate in this program,” said Meyn. “We have people from all over the world participating.”

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