out of reach

Poem by Alanah Hunsdorfer 

I can’t help but see you in summer 
hidden in the sunshine 
peeking through leaves of trees 
In the taste of the apricots 
hanging in my backyard 
the ones hidden at the top
the ones waiting to be picked 

Or in the smell of the sunscreen on my skin 
I remember putting it on last week
and wondering why I found you there 
What a silly place to hide 

and yet I keep searching 
Looking for you in the flowers outside of my house 
pretty in a way that’s overlooked
pretty in a way that’s almost unexpected 
taking you by surprise each time 

I see you in old photographs 
a glimpse of you in a smile 
a hint of you in a pair of eyes 

I can’t escape you even in my dreams 
You’d think that’s where I’d truly get to have you 
but still I’m on the outside looking in 
watching the show but never being in it 

Sometimes I think that’s exactly where I want you 

Close enough to touch 
but just out of reach

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