Otter Media’s Punk Show rocks CSUMB away

Otter Media hosted its largest and most ambitious project yet “Punk Show,” a concert that brought students and fans of punk together from across the Monterey Bay area to rock the night away and enjoy the music of local bands in the Meeting House at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

The first band in the lineup was Tortured Habits, with bassist and lead vocalist Colin Sullivan who gave an infectious and enthusiastic set. However, because a drummer was not available, he performed by himself for the majority of the show until Odder’s drummer Dylan Thomas stepped up to the drums and delivered a wicked performance.

The WET Possums took the stage after with Troy Loper on drums, Jared Watson on trumpet, Jordan Heiny on keyboard, tambourine and vocals, Riley Romero on bass and vocals, Stone Mcdonald on guitar, and Ian Morram on lead vocals. They combined a myriad of instruments to deliver the night’s most boisterous and energetic performance.

Following them was Odder with Adrián Maraquez on guitar, Leo Diaz on keyboard and vocals, Jesus Ayala on bass, Thomas on drums and Chris Ayala on vocals. They gave a stellar performance that exuded a rhythmic-like atmosphere throughout the entire venue.

The night ended with GOSH, with Jayden Bocaling on drums, Maya Durham on bass and vocals, and Ethan Dennerle on guitar and lead vocals. They blended hardcore punk aesthetics with riveting vocal performances that sent the audience into a craze.   

As the performances from each band were nearing the end, the roaring yet respectful audience of roughly 220 students wanted more, constantly shouting for an encore, which in the end was graciously and enthusiastically given to them by all the bands.

Despite the attendees going hard on the floor and in the mosh pits that occurred ever so often, an emphasis was placed on safety being a top priority. When audience members occasionally fell down, others were there and ready to pick them right back up and continue the night of fun. 

Punk fans were not the only ones in attendance, as throughout the night CSUMB’s mascot Monte Rey made several appearances in the audience and on the stage rocking away with the bands.

Otter Media Student-Coordinator Jillian Hintz and Production Manager Micah Stamps felt as if the event was successful despite having to turn down over one hundred people waiting in line outside in order to comply with the maximum occupancy of the venue.

“The event went exactly as it was supposed to go. I think that the punk community who are usually not given a place in a lot of the school events finally got an event that they enjoyed to the fullest extent. I think it overall made a lot of memories for students and people who showed up,” said Stamps.

Hintz believes that because of the large turnout, Otter Media will be able to host another punk show at a larger venue that will give more bands and fans a platform to express themselves through punk rock.

“We’re doing this again,” said Hintz. “This is happening again, hopefully at least once a semester.”

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