“In My Room” listening to Troye Sivan

Friday the 13th may not be so unlucky for Troye Sivan. The Australian singer released his third album, “Something To Give Each Other,” on Oct. 13 and has been embraced by music lovers all around.

Beginning the queue with a “Rush,” this summer track screams sexual appetite. Sivan’s lyrics drip with lustful undertones that set the tone for the rest of the album. The sweaty music video can only be described as pulp-gay-fiction. 

With some post “Rush” clarity, we get a different, more romantic, song that is softer and sweet: “What’s The Time Where You Are?” This song with others like “Still Got It” or “How To Stay With You” shows the more lovey-dovey, intimate side of the album

Some of my favorite songs from the album are “Rush,” “One Of Your Girls” and “Got Me Started.” These may also be Sivan’s favorites, considering how they each have music videos. Each video is unique, capturing the amorous tones that reside within each song. My favorite video would be “One Of Your Girls;” not only does Sivan make a beautiful girl, but Ross Lynch’s guest-star role was a pleasant surprise. 

Plus, Sivan’s dancing is incredible! In the music video for “Got Me Started,” he performs highly choreographed numbers with high energy, not missing a step. The catchy song includes a sample from Bag Raiders’ “Shooting Stars,” which was immediately noticeable during my first listen. 

“Something To Give Each Other” consists of 10 tracks and lasts about 30 minutes, with each song following the general theme of love vs. lust. 

Are you “Silly” like Sivan? Are you a “love junkie,” or do you “still got it bad?” These titles are from some of the more affectionate songs on the album, which can stir up emotions of “admiration” or “infatuation.” Or are you one to let your “body explain” like Troye? There is plenty of “hot chemistry” peppered throughout this album, enough to get anyone started. 

This album covers a range of emotions, and quickly invaded my daily playlist. “Something To Give Each Other” is easily a five out of five for me. 

Given that the album is quite gay-centric, I may be biased in my review. I enjoy how it encapsulates emotions/feelings which are relatable to my lived experience.

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