A Poem of Self

Poem submitted by Grace Sugden

A cup filled with the expectations of others Is destined to spill over 
Will it be tears or blood spilled 
Both have been before 
How horrible to think that a 
Child so desired is discarded 
once they are gay. 
Is it because of her style? 
Is it because of sports? 
Is it because of the TV? 
You know they shouldn’t let 
them be on tv 
It’ll confuse the children 
But the children are not confused 
They are enlightened by what is in front of them A truth they were hidden from 
A glimpse of happiness to be found 
If only they were brave enough to reach for it And to reach is the most dangerous part Maybe
it’s greeted with acceptance 
The condescending 
“yes honey I knew since you were five” or
“You’re confused” or 
“This is between You and God” 
To prepare 
you bleed yourself 
A drop in the water to see if 
there are sharks around 
“I mean I don’t hate the gays, 
I just don’t want them around me!” 
“I love the LGBT community
But oh thank goodness 
I don’t have to deal with that. 
Just imagine what your grandparents would say!” Forever stuck between being right or 
At least she has 
The family 
she chose 
She made 
Others haven’t been so lucky 
She knows of their stories 
Cast out of homes
Cut off from support 
All because of who they love

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