Otters brush up on conflict resolution skills

When it comes to roommates, conflicts usually emerge over issues of hygiene, chore delegation and respect.

Resolving those conflicts is key to having a happy semester, said North Quad Resident Advisor Palia Vang in an event called “Dos and Don’ts: Conflict Edition” for students at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), on Aug. 30.

“I think conflict resolution is something we can all learn to work on,” said Vang.

Vang presented information about what exactly conflict is, where it usually stems from, and how to effectively and appropriately handle it. 

“We’re all college students, and sometimes we do not grow up with other people,” Vang said. “That is where conflicts typically emerge.”

To adequately address a conflict, you should pinpoint the problem and handle the situation respectfully and calmly. Vang emphasized the importance of active listening during these discussions.

If a situation is getting intense, it can be helpful to bring in a mediator like an RA to help settle the conflict. A mediator can help keep the peace while also offering an unbiased perspective. 

Those involved in the conflict must be willing to listen to one another and compromise. 

“At the end of the day, we’re all peers!” Vang said.

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