The Performing Otters present CLUE

The Performing Otters held their opening night performance of their production “CLUE” on Friday April 29 at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB).

The show was held at the Meeting House on main campus, where admission was $5 for those with their Otter IDs and $10 for anyone else. 

The Performing Otters showing of the murder mystery was directed by CSUMB student, Richard Avelino, who described the show as a magical time.

“This was one of the best openers I’ve ever had as an actor and as a director,” Avelino said.

Actors in the cast were vibrant in their performances, delivering their lines with vigor and confidence. 

While everyone in the cast excelled in their roles, one that stood out is the butler Wadsworth, played by actor and student Jonah Bernstein. Bernstein was captivating in his performance when he was both in the spotlight and in the background.

The audience was kept on the edge of their seats, never quite sure who the murderer was going to be. 

One student in the audience, Katarina Cerda, placed bets with her friends during the show’s intermission. “My vote is that the maid did it.” 

The much-anticipated reveal at the end of the show left no member of the audience disappointed. 

In the past, The Performing Otters have held their performances in the World Theater, however due to COVID-19 restrictions, “CLUE” took place at The Meeting House. This only served in their favor to achieve the mysterious atmosphere on set.

After the turn out for “CLUE,” Avelino is eager for The Performing Otters next big performance. Avelino did not want to give too much away but said that The Performing Otters have “a lot of high hopes in store for the next end of the year show.”

“It’s just a cool thing to see so many students that I have seen on campus walking classroom to classroom here in the audience. It was great!” Avelino said.

The Performing Otters have been putting together shows for Otter Improv throughout the semester and encourage students to attend those if they wish to see more!

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