Otters kick off four-game series against Cal State LA Golden Eagles

The California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) Otters started their four-game series against the California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) Golden Eagles on Friday April 8 with a victory for the Otters, with a score of 1-12.

Events took a sharp turn early in the game when CSUMB’s Brady Miguel (#3) was struck in the shoulder by a wild pitch from LA’s pitcher Yuji Sakane (#31). Shortly after getting hit by the pitch, Miguel stole second base. Jason Ajamian (#27) was able to reach first base off an error from LA’s third baseman, allowing Miguel to make it all the way home and score for the Otters.

In the top of the second inning, CSUMB held their narrow lead by grounding out LA’s batters before they could score. The bottom of the second inning saw four runs for the Otters. One from Chris Rubottom (#22), one for Kyle Guerra (#7), one from Chase Lindemann (#9), and one from Miguel.

The top of the third inning held a strong defense from the Otters, with no runners from the Golden Eagles able to make it all the way home. The bottom of the third inning only had one run for CSUMB. Nico Hartojo (#8) singled out to left field and made it safely to first base and shortly afterward was able to steal second base. When his teammate Arthur Soto (#19) grounded out, Hartojo advanced to third base. Next up was Rubottom, who sent the ball flying out to right field, allowing Hartojo to make it home and score for CSUMB.

Going into the fourth inning, the Otters were able to maintain their 6-0 lead against CSULA and add two more runs to their scoreboard. CSUMBs Brady Miguel (#3) and Jason Ajamian (#27) were able to safely round all three bases and make it home without being tagged out.

The Golden Eagles made their first run of the game in the top of the fifth inning. Nick Penzetta (#22) hit a double out to right center field. His teammate Anthony Angel Jr. (#19) singled to shortstop, making it to first base and letting Penzetta advance to third. The Otters pitcher made an illegal motion which allowed both CSULA players to advance a base on a balk. As a result, Penzetta scored for the Golden Eagles and put a run on the scoreboard.

The next major event happened at the bottom of the sixth inning, Miguel doubled out to center field. Next, Ajamian was hit by a pitch from CSULA’s pitcher Sakane and was awarded first base as a result. Hartojo singled through the left side and made it to first base, Ajamian advanced to second. With the bases loaded, Chris Rubottom (#22) stepped up to bat. Rubottom hit a double down the right field line, Hartojo advanced to third base, and both Miguel and Ajamian scored for CSUMB. Carrying on with his teammates momentum, Guerra hit a single down the right field line, both Rubottom and Hartojo took the opportunity to make it safely back to home base.

Neither team scored for the remainder of the game. The final score was 1-12, in favor of the Otters. For more information, or to catch future games, visit

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