Otter Kitchens discuss dining services

The Dining Service Committee met virtually to discuss retail and eatery updates on March 24.

Hosted by Otter Kitchen’s Marketing Manager Alexandra Perez, the presentation highlighted menu enhancements, from a new Asian salad at Bok Choy to more milkshake flavors at Burger 831.

Gluten-free and dairy-free pizzas are in development at the Dining Commons (DC) Cucina station, and the addition of “DC Discount Days” is also in the works.

Perez addressed Otter Express’s (OE) retail shortages, announcing the team’s decision to increase purchasing. Future incorporations at the OE include hot wrap options and a sandwich variety special.

Ghost Kitchen has further expansions planned, with menu updates arriving after Spring Break.

Check out the Slide Into Sliders event at The Dining Commons, where Otter Kitchens will be preparing for the National Baseball Season by serving sliders on April 4.

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