CSU Chancellor responds to former complaint

In 2019, a formal Title IX complaint was filed against Fresno State’s Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Frank Lamas, while Chancellor Joseph Castro was the president for Fresno State.

California State University, Monterey Bay’s (CSUMB) president, Edward Ochoa, forwarded an email to the CSUMB community from Chancellor Castro on Feb. 4. 

The topic of Lamas’s removal from the CSU community resurfaced, as Chancellor Castro wished to issue a formal apology to the community about how the situation was handled. In his open letter, he stated how the case was handled could have caused additional pain.

CSUMB had no further comments outside of Chancellor Castro’s open letter. 

Castro ended the email by stating, “We must do more – and we will do more. I am fully committed to working with our campus presidents and the CSU Board of Trustees on these critically important issues, and I pledge to continue to do so until the California State University becomes a national model for the prevention and redress of sexual misconduct in all its forms.” 

This demonstrates Chancellor Castro’s commitment to keeping the CSU campuses a safe space for all students, staff, and faculty. Owning up to a past mistake and acknowledging the repercussions it held also helps to further this.

If you or anyone you know needs to submit a Title IX report, you can do so at https://csumb.edu/titleix/ or contact CSUMB’s Title IX Coordinator, Wendy Smith, at 831-582-3510.

The Personal Growth and Counseling Center also offers a 24/7 crisis intervention for support. This number can be contacted at 831-582-3969.

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