Gardening For The Soul

Weeds like to sit amongst the blades
Of grass, as it waves with a life
So green it’ll leave stains at the touch

Yet weeds sit unmoving
Blending in with the normal life
Truth be told it’s hard to see
A weed, until it’s taken hold
Of the entire lawn

Enveloping the brightness of the sun
Shrouding the truth
Challenging the hue
For whom?

Only themselves and their own greed
As they have a need
To be seen
As something beyond the trees
A sort of Deity

So I insist
If you stumble upon a weed
On your way to the rosary
Pick it with force and gusto
As their sight is deceiving
But their roots burrow

However where there is one
There will always be more

So you must be sure
To grab every strand, every stem
Until there is nothing left
And at this point you may consider
How do I start over?

Well life always begins with a seed
Till it and grow
As now you know
How to catch a weed


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