What is keeping you positive during quarantine?

“Going out into my backyard and bird watching [keeps me positive]. It helps me take a break from things that are stressing me out and it gets me outside. Birds have interesting behaviors that I can sit and watch for hours.”

Alex Wojcik
Second-year environmental science major

“I watch a lot of TV shows and movies at the same time as my best friend. It makes me feel like we are still connected and together when we text each other about what’s going through the episodes, even though we aren’t actually physically together.”

Emilia Sarikakis
First-year kinesiology major

“Being able to go outside is really helping me. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where I can still go out and do activities like hiking, surfing or just chill in my backyard since I live on an acre, while still maintaining social distancing guidelines and not putting myself or others at risk. I’ve also been getting back into reading more, which is always a welcome distraction from what’s going on. Being able to stay in contact with my water polo team via Zoom is also incredibly helpful, they’re such a positive and supportive group of people and I’m so happy that we’ve been able to stay in touch through this whole ordeal.”

Victoria White
Third-year communication design major

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