Volume 3: Online 5

How COVID-19 is impacting Ramadan

On behalf of Ramadan beginning, the Otter Cross Cultural Center held a virtual session with speakers Faizan Mumtaz and Maria Ahmad to provide a...

Langston Kerman delivers virtual standup routine to CSUMB

On April 24, comedian Langston Kerman held a comedy presentation and question and answer session over Zoom, exclusive to the California State University, Monterey...

Emily Omiotek: Working through the pandemic

CSUMB student, Emily Omiotek, started working at the REI in Marina in June 2019, until the COVID-19 pandemic, when she and her work team became furloughed.

Decolonize Your Dinner Plate shows students the power of food

Led by nutritionist Sara Housman, CSUMB's Otter Student Union broadcasted an informative presentation over Zoom regarding food security.

What is keeping you positive during quarantine?

“Going out into my backyard and bird watching . It helps me take a break from things that are stressing me out and it...

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Letter from the editor

Dear Otters, The Lutrinae will be taking a brief hiatus over the fall break and will be pausing production until we return to campus on...