How has it been like living on campus amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

“The process from moving to Willet from North Quad was very tiring, since it was one of the farthest places. I had to really take advantage of the resources that were available. Moving back into the Main Campus wasn’t too hard, but I was just used to having my own fridge and my own kitchenette. Considering that we’re in a global pandemic, it just makes me question if it is really the best thing to have to share such amenities within the Main Campus.”

Palia Vang, Second year Global studies
Moved into Willet from North Quad

“It’s been a ghost town living in the Main Campus, even after the Prom and North Quad residents moved in. It’s been quiet and uneventful. I’m sad that no one’s here, but it’s also been relaxing, as well.”

Kelly Dam, Second year Cinematic arts & technology
Living in Main Campus

“It feels emptier than usual, like how the campus is empty on the weekends. It feels more empty than that and it makes me more lonely because I don’t have my friends to hang out with or who I usually see everyday. Not much has changed, despite the buildings being closed. It’s just been weird and lonely at the same time. For me, I’m lowkey having a hard time with school since I don’t have the same access to things like the printer, which becomes hard when most of my professors upload files which require you to print. To deal with the loneliness, I message my friends, FaceTime and keep myself busy all the time.

Valerie Ordoñez, First year Kinesiology
Living in Main Campus

“Living in East Campus has been the same, but it’s just been a little bit more quiet than usual. CSUMB was nice enough to give us the option of letting us stay here if we wanted to, even though they were encouraging us to leave. I feel grateful to have that option since some students don’t have a safe home, may not have a home or it’s too much of a hassle to go back home. I think for me at least, I’ve been living off campus, so I’m not dependent on the meal plan. I have my own kitchen and my own laundry room, so I have all my needs already. I think I’m doing okay.”

Jay Thao, Fourth year Music
Living in East Campus

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