Tatted Otters: Cassidy Ulery

As tattoos are becoming more common, it is also becoming more and more common for people to get tattooed once they are of legal age. While getting tattooed for the first time is exciting, it is even more thrilling when it’s a birthday present.

“I got this tattoo when I was 18,” said transfer student, Cassidy Ulery. “I was in Oregon and my grandma gifted me the tattoo as a birthday present. The picture reflects when I got it touched up in San Jose from it slightly fading over time.”

Ulery currently has two tattoos. “[I have] the anchor and red roses on my ankle. I also have my Capricorn zodiac sign on my right shoulder blade which I got on my 18th birthday with my best friend; she’s an Aquarius,” Ulery said.

Photo courtesy of Cassidy Ulery.

Turning 18 and finally being able to get inked is enticing, but sometimes people don’t know what they want to get. This wasn’t the case for Ulery, who had already been thinking about her first tattoo.

“I have always loved anchors and red roses are my favorite flower,” Ulrey said. “It seemed obvious to get two of my most beloved things permanently on my body. I had started thinking about the tattoo before I turned 18 and I took full advantage of legally getting it done a month after turning 18.”

Every tattoo has a story. Sometimes it holds a deeper meaning, other times it’s just something the person likes. It could even be as simple as seeing cool flash art in the shop and wanting to get it tattooed.

“[They have] no crazy meanings other than they symbolize two of my favorite things, my zodiac sign is representative of my birthday,” Ulrey said. “I used to be super into horoscopes and astrology, plus it was an unforgettable experience with my best friend.”

The tattoo process is different for everyone, but it certainly seems that there are areas that almost everyone can agree is painful, such as anywhere near or on a bone.

“Getting the white color done was painful, the same with color on the bone,” Ulrey said. “I was surprised when I got it retouched I didn’t feel any pain at all. My shoulder tattoo didn’t really hurt. If anything, it felt weird from the vibrations of the tattoo gun.”

Ulery currently doesn’t intend on getting another tattoo in the near future, but has still thought about new tattoos.

“I’ve had ideas for future tattoos cross my mind, but nothing that I would feel comfortable getting soon or having forever. I can gladly say that while I was young when I got both of my tattoos, I don’t regret them,” Ulrey said.

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