What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Question: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Marissa Boni, Junior Human Communications major

“Probably the first time I ever went out trick or treating. I had always loved Halloween, but that image sticks out. My mom got me a costume. I was a cat and I was five. She did the makeup. I had my little bucket. I remember going around the neighborhood. I was really shy and that was the first time I was able to go out and do something full of anticipation. Good memory, even if I don’t celebrate the way I used to.”

Conner Reeves, Junior Human Communications major.

“I don’t think I’ve had too many exciting Halloweens. One of the better memories was probably early middle school age – instead of knocking on doors, we would look for candy bowls that said “please take one.” We would separate, go into a cul-de-sac, and when a house had one of those bowls, we’d yell “harvest!” as loud as we could. When we heard that, we knew that meant the whole bowl was ours and we’d shove it in our pillow cases. Not too crazy, but it says a lot about the age we were and serves justice to the time.”

Alex Beamer, Senior Collaborative health and human services major

“In sophomore year of high school, I was having a party at my house with friends and we had junk food and whatnot. It started raining, there were 12 people at my house. We all went out in the rain and I spooked everybody by ditching them to spook them. This happened right in the middle of sophomore year, so we were stressed. It was a stressful time. It was just this short 10 minute, 1 a.m. run around.”

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